Human Resources

The success of an organization is dependent on its Human Resource team and its processes.

The Wells Accounting HR Team consistently provides best in-class HR solutions that solve peculiar HR challenges of our clients. We serve as the crucial link between the people strategy and business strategy of any organization.

To us, every client is considered unique, hence we intensely examine every minuscule detail of their human resource needs so as to develop prime solutions that can propel them ahead of their competitors and keep them on the cutting edge of their business.

Talent Management

At Wells Accounting Tax, we provide end to end solutions to the human resource needs of any organization.

This involves talent acquisition where we help you source the best and most suitable candidates to fill your vacant positions; induction and on-boarding (for the newly employed staff of our clients); succession planning (to plan for the next generation of employees especially those in strategic positions in the organization); workforce planning and exit management (to effectively ease out outgoing employees from the organization).

Organizational Change

Aligning your human resource strategy to your business strategy would help to optimize your organization’s profitability.

The HR Team at Wells Accounting  assists organizations to develop, design and implement processes and strategies that would help to align your strategies with your goals and drive growth in your business.

Our Organizational Change includes

  • Formulation, Design and Production and Review of HR Policies, Processes and Manuals.
  •  Surveys
  • HR Process Audits
  • Performance Management
  • HR/Manpower Audit
  • Client/Employee Satisfaction
Learning And Development

Our Learning and Development programmes are all tailored towards developing the skills of our clients’ employees and these include conducting Training Needs/Skills Gap Analysis; Training Delivery in both technical and soft skills which are all customized to suit our clients’ skills’ needs; Executive/Board Training (for top-level executive management and Board level).

Payroll Compensation and Benefits

Computation of salaries and benefits can be a very daunting task as it requires very good attention to details in managing figures. Our HR team can take the stress off you so that your Human Resource team does not have to get distracted with computing figure and rather spend the time on more strategic decisions in managing the people for optimum productivity.